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Wis-Ill Cat Fanciers is a TICA affiliated club dedicated to the cat fancy. We promote responsible cat ownership of all cats, both pedigree and household pets.


Thank You!

Thank you to all the judges and exhibitors, clerks and stewards, vendors, spectators, helpers and most of all my fellow club members who made this 4th annual Cat in the Hat show a great success!!!!


Best of the Best

Congratulations to the Top 3 Best of the Best at our 4th annual Cat in the Hat show... owners Ken and Shelley Sopa with Debut, Cathy Wodzinski and Chris Unangst with Cassie and Debra Mapes and Katy Kinowski with Woodstock.

(I hope I got that all right)


We made the Front Page....

South Shore NOW newspaper front page picture of Judge Edith-Mary Smith with Mary Keehma's silver Bengal Rocky! March 12, 2015.

Our publicity expert Mary Reiss does an excellent job!!
fornt page Now


Coming up next....


Dec. show handout



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Junior Exhibitors

Our club has several active Junior exhibitors. If you have chidren ages 7-18 that are interested in showing cats we can help show them how to get started. See what they are doing on the Junior Exhibitors page.


Congratulations to our Junior Members who received awards at the Great Lakes Regional Awards Banquet!

See the Juniors Page for a picture!


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